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"Life is too short for crap nail polishes"

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

First, toxic-free nail polishes industry has been around; however, it takes years to integrate this idea into business to protect our clients and nail technicians who spend all day long inside the salons. Second, please do not think high-end nail polishes necessarily means toxic-free. Toxins are equal opportunity offenders.

There are many more reasons for DAT Nail Salon to make the commitment to foster the healthy salon environment in San Francisco. We here introduce safe & 10-free, nontoxic formula polishes in our salon to protect our clients and employees.

Sundays: one of the first to specialize in producing nontoxic, cruelty free, and vegan nail care products.

JINsoon: formulated without harsh chemicals, a high gloss nail lacquer that is long lasting with a chip-proof finish and a quick drying time.

Zoya: shiny, smooth and at medium thickness, long lasting and wide range of colors.

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